The day Tandy Leather called to invite us to create an instructional video for their Youtube channel was wild!

     I have been shopping with Tandy since my early days of leather craft in 2015.  Browsing the aisles, I would ask a thousand questions about what this tool did or what that type of leather was used for. The staff at my local Tandy store in Corpus Christi, TX was always helpful. I'm sure I bugged them at times but they always took the time to share their knowledge.

    Indigo Laine & Co would not be where we are now without our local Tandy store as well as the commercial team at corporate (shout out to Karyn)! So when Tandy called from their Fort Worth headquarters to ask if we would be interested in creating a video I could not say no!

    If you love leather and have been interested in learning more about it please visit will find hundreds of videos about leather, tools, projects. 

I hope you find much inspiration & love in the following videos!



 Randi  Hamlyn




Randi Hamlyn