I know this is completely off topic. It has nothing to do with leather. However, it has everything to do with what Indigo Laine is all about. Family, friends, people & even pets. We laid our sweet Lincoln to rest a few weeks ago. He was certainly more than a pet. He was a protector, a comedian, a lover and best of all he was loyal to a fault. He barked too much and he always opened the shop door to let himself in when the weather wasn't to his liking. In our family of 4 Lincoln was certainly my husbands dog. But he took it upon himself to designate himself as my protector. I was his whether I liked it or not. He was going to protect me from all the things. If you ever came by to pick up an order he was certainly going to bark at you for a sufficient amount of time so you knew that he meant business. Lincoln was a mess and I miss him every single day. We did not have a funeral for him so I thought it would be ok to say a few things here. He was as much a part of this business as any of the rest of us. We all loved him BIG. God has the sweetest way of blessing us with the quirkiest pets. Im grateful God saw fit to send Lincoln our way. I hope he is waiting on us in Heaven!


- Sad Dog Mom


Randi Hamlyn